Benefits of Cycling – why you need to get on your bike!


We’ve all seen on the news that the nation needs to be more active… cycling is an all-round winner when it comes to this – good for you and VERY enjoyable. Read below the benefits of cycling…

We can’t wait for our Alpine cycle trip in the Spring, but in the meantime, we’ll just write about cycling and look out of the window at the snow covered Alps.

Cycling is a truly invigorating and liberating experience, enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. The range of people we see on bikes here in Briancon ranges hugely from children, all the way up! Over time, cycling will reduce your blood pressure and your resting heart rate.

Riding a bike fast, or on hills/mountains, is the kind of vigorous physical activity of which so many don’t get enough. Cycling is also recommended by the NHS as an ideal form of exercise to improve health and wellbeing.

Cycling triggers the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Improved health and fitness, as a direct result of regular cycling, contributes to a generally happier outlook on life. You won’t find a sad cyclist in the Alps – another benefit of cycling!

The benefits of cycling continue… Cycling builds stamina, muscle strength and overall physical endurance, so for many new cyclists it’s an unexpected benefit to have more energy for day-to-day things.
We all know stress is a killer – but did you know cycling could help to alleviate it? Cycling can take your mind off problems, or give you a chance to think about them in a calm way. Studies have also shown that physically active people sleep better – we all need more sleep! Any cyclist can tell you about the feeling of freedom of riding on a warm, sunny day.

An often-neglected benefit of cycling is that it can give you an entirely new perspective on your region or your city. Since we have been cycling, we have seen many new areas of the Alps that before, we hadn’t discovered. Stunning scenery surrounds us which also helps make getting on the bike more appealing.

You will discover new roads, new routes, and new places to visit and enjoy them much more than if travelling by car. Join us for our Alpine tour in Spring and get a taste for yourself!

Writing down all the benefits is making me want to hop on my bike now, instead of digging out my driveway – last night we had 70cm of snow, so getting on my bike will have to wait until the snow melts!

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